Our office is located at 4494 W Peoria Ave., Suite 115B, conveniently next to Advanced Technology Chiropractic. Stop by and get all of your pain relief services taken care of in one fell swoop!

Our team of advanced physical therapists will provide quality treatment to help you feeling better as quickly as possible – usually within the first few sessions! We have specialized treatments for anyone who may come through our doors, utilizing sophisticated diagnostic methods and tools, such as movement investigation and gait analysis, to determine what course of treatment may be best for each specific patient.

At Kinect PT Glendale, we know that not all pain is the same, and we implement a combination of conventional orthopedic tools and advanced technology to help support each patient on their unique health-bound journey. These specialized treatments help in gaining functional neuromuscular regeneration, relieving pain, preventing future injuries, and promoting overall healing.

Our treatments cater to all parts of the body, such as pain stemming from the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, hands, feet, ankles, and more. We also treat specific ailments, such as arthritis and neurological disorders. Additionally, we provide extensive treatment-specific physical therapy and rehabilitation services, such as sports injury rehab, pre-surgical rehab, post-surgical rehab, balance therapy, and gait therapy.

Our dedicated team at Kinect PT Glendale includes Shaun Koth, PT; Amber Cordova, PTA, LMT; and Mike Miller, PT. This experienced team is filled with leading experts in the field of physical therapy, all of whom would be more than happy to assist you on your journey toward a pain-free life.

The physical therapists at all Kinect PT locations strive toward 8 core values: putting patients first, having fun, respecting everyone, communicating openly and honestly, showing up, providing exchange in abundance, practicing strong ethics, and working well as a team. At Kinect PT Glendale, we are proud to say we exceed those expected values.

Our physical therapists understand the power of physical therapy. We have seen the success stories firsthand, and we are confident in the results our patients achieve. Find pain relief today through our specialized services, and look forward to a healthier, healthier tomorrow.


P: 623.934.1154

Business hours

  • Mon, Wed, Thur 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tue, Fri 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

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